About Autocross

Autocross is a driving skill contest that not only tests a driver's ability, but also a car's handling characteristics. A course is set up using traffic cones at a low hazard location, such as a large parking lot. Course speeds are no greater than those typically encountered in legal highway driving.
An autocross event consists of a series of timed runs, one car at a time, through a mini road racing course set with traffic cones.
Safety is the utmost concern and the courses are designed accordingly.
The course is usually set in a large parking lot at Deschutes County Expo Center and HooDoo Ski area (July), on a road racing course Example Map.

Autocross courses are configured to emphasize the driver's car control skills and car set-up, not speed, although speeds up to 70 MPH may be attained by the faster cars. The drivers that negotiate the course the quickest in each class wins a trophy and everybody has fun. While speeds are no greater than those normally encountered in legal highway driving, a combination of the mental concentration required to drive quickly and car's feedback can create an adrenaline pumping experience that leaves you literally breathless and shaking in your shoes! Fun, fun, fun!

Autocross is also a great way to learn new driving skills and hone those you already have. Most people use their street cars–four door sedans, coupes, sports cars and even a few 2WD pickups.
Some have cars built specially for autocross. No matter what kind of car you have there is a class for it and for you, so give autocrossing a try and join the fun.

What attracts drivers to autocrossing? Maybe it’s the fact they can safely drive their everyday car on the edge without fear of damaging anything. It’s just you against the clock, on a course defined with traffic cones. If you make a mistake, you’ll only knock over a few cones. It’s great fun! You’ll learn the same skills professional racecar drivers learn.
Things like heel and toe downshifting, the correct line through a corner, trail braking and more.
You’ll learn how to dial-in your cars handling with simple things like tire pressure and alignment. If you’re into modifying your car, the clock will confirm if your upgrades helped, instead of just believing some magazine article.

Created on ... January 11, 2008

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