Hubcaps - Must be removed.

Wheel Bearing Play - Should be tight.

Front Suspension - All components should be tight, No Excessive Steering Wheel Play.

Lug Nuts - Must be Tight, All must be there.

Tires - Tread Depth ( 1/16"), No studded tired, no temp (spare) tires, no crackes in sidewalls.

Wheels - No Cracks, All Spokes in Wire Wheels.

Gas Cap Tight & Not Leaking

All Engine Connections Tight - No Excessive Fluid Leaks.

Battery - Secure & Tight, no bunge cords.

Positive Throttle Return Action

Solid Brake Pedal

Seats Properly Secured w/ Belts - No Harness in open Cockpit w/o Roll Bar.

Roll Bar Properly Mounted

No loose items in Car - Papers, CD's, hats, or anything moving around that can distract the driver.

Tonneau Cover Removed, Removable Hard Top Removed, Convertible Top Down & Secure.

This is all about making sure your car is safe for you and everyone running the event.