Autocross courses should be open enough to allow good competition between larger and smaller cars, and should not emphasize high speed, power-to-weight ratio, extreme maneuverability, memory, or visual acuity. Divisional, Tour, and National Championship events shall be conducted on a paved surface.

  • The course boundary shall not normally pass closer than 25 feet from solid objects.
  • A long straight (over 150 feet) should not terminate in an extremely sharp turn (e.g., a short radius U-turn).
  • The inner and outer limits of turns and corners should be marked by course markers, displacement of which results in time penalties. Corner limits must never be marked by curbs, buildings, poles, trees, soft shoulders or other hazards likely to cause damage to a car.
  • The last turn should be as tight as possible and the finishing straight tightly defined.
  • All corners shall be negotiable without reversing.
  • The course shall be at least 15 feet wide, and single-file slalom markers shall be at least 45 feet apart. Any series of course markers which are generally in a line and have the effect of a slalom are considered to be a slalom. Additional course markers associated with the slalom markers to form gates, boxes, etc., do not cancel this limit.
  • Cars should leave a gate/turn headed generally in the direction of the next gate/turn.
  • Bring to the next club meeting or the next event. (needs to be summited 1 event (month) before your preferred event date. Competition Director and Safety Steward will make final decision)

For more information on course design go to:
SCCA Rules