Welcome to AutoXclub.org!

www.AutoXclub.org is the digital home of the Autocross Club of Central Oregon.
ACCO gives area drivers the opportunity to learn the handling limits of their car in a controlled environment.

What attracts drivers to autocrossing?
Maybe it’s the fact they can safely drive their everyday car on the edge without fear of damaging anything.
It’s just you against the clock, on a course defined with traffic cones.
If you make a mistake, you will only knock over a few cones. It’s great fun! You will learn the same skills professional racecar drivers learn.
Things like heel and toe downshifting, the correct line through a corner, trail braking and more.
You will learn how to dial-in your cars handling with simple things like tire pressure and alignment.
If you are into modifying your car, the clock will confirm if your upgrades helped, instead of just believing some magazine article.
There are Category & Classes for everything from bone-stock, daily-driven sub-compacts to dedicated, track-tuned monsters.

What equipment does your car need?

We only ask that your car be safe.

Check out this Safety Check List to be sure you have everything.

You DO NOT need a ‘RACE CAR’ to participate.

We invite you to tour our site using the navigation menu to the left.
We look forward to seeing YOU at one of our upcoming events!