We need people to step up and run different aspects of the club. Following are some of the positions I can think of, if there is something you would like to do show up and speak up. We can break these down if you want to share.

  • President -BOD
    Over sees the operations of the club. Conducts monthly meetings and organizes the Board of Directors meeting. Schedule Events 2 years out.
  • Vice President -BOD
    Backs up the President in his absence. Order Insurance for events and yearly coverage.
  • Secretary -BOD
    Be at the meetings to type up notes from meeting and present for website. Updates Club rules.
  • Treasurer -BOD
    Pays bills & keeps track of club funds. Deposits revenues of events. Prepares yearly statements for IRS.
  • Chief of Registration – BOD
    Be at event site to prepare registration area for the start of registration. Registration includes collecting money, input data into event manager and answer basic question or direct towards someone else. Balance money to registrations. Insure club has a supply of registration cards.
  • Chief of Competition -BOD
    Competition Director Assistant

    Design course, set-up course and control competition for the day. Be at event site at to coordinate course set-up having course set up and marked for course walks. Present course maps for participants and website to registration.
  • Safety Steward -BOD
    Over see safety items during an event by monitoring the activities throughout the event. Walks the course before it is presented to drivers.
  • Tech. Inspectors
    Tech. Inspectors organize and conduct Tech. Inspection per tech card. There must be two Tech Inspectors at site each day of event. Set-up and tear-down tech area.
  • Publicity Director
    Get the word out to the newspapers, radio and television about what we do and when. Work with club on new ideas to encourage teens to participate at events.
  • Newsletter – Web Editor
    Coordinate the compilation of the club website. Components are a main article, Presidents letter and Driver profile for the website. Send email to participants when the newsletter is online.
  • Insurance Waivers
    Be at event site to prepare registration area for the start of registration. Waivers includes ensuring everyone within the roped area sign the Insurance Waiver form or the Minor Waiver form and gets a wrist band as either a Driver or Spectator. Instruct workers on above procedures for the rest of the day. Insure club has a supply of wrist bands and forms.
  • Worker Coordinator
    Be at event site to prepare worker list for the start of registration. Coordinator works with CD to understand what workers are needed for the event. Coordinator assigns worker duties by completing Workers sheet and duplicating assignment on registration card.
  • Rookie Coach
    This person will coordinate new drivers by answering questions at registration, conducting a course walk and providing driver instructions.
  • Advertising
    This person will coordinate sponsors and advertisement for newsletter.
  • Results
    This person will gather the results from the events and prepare for the website & newspapers.
  • Timing Equipment
    Be at event site to set up the timing area and ensure timer is working properly. This person needs to understand the timing and event manager program equipment. This person will instruct the timers on proper procedures for the day.